The Whole World in One City – South Forbes Golf City

              What if the world can fit in your home? What if you can travel the world in just a day? And what if that home can now be yours? The fastest selling golf-residential & commercial development in the South, South Forbes Golf City is coming your way. South Forbes Golf City is the first in the Philippines to offer different themed communities; and not just any ordinary themes if I may add. Imagine a residential community with the world as its inspiration! The development is a 500 hectare-wide located in the booming Sta. Rosa. So what parts of the world are represented here you may ask, here they are:
Bali Mansions – offering Bali-architecture with Asian inspired themes plus tropical landscapes. The three 3 mansion models are: 1.) Coralia with 258 sqm of space including a 3-car garage, a lanai and a pond 2.) Lovina having 309.36 sqm of floor area with 3 floors and high ceiling and 3.) Nusa Dua, the largest among the three with 312 sqm with 3 floor and high ceiling as well. House and lot ranges from Php 10,000,000 – 18,000,000 and lot only from Php 3,500,000 to 8,500,000.
Tokyo Mansions – obviously, this community has Japanese-styled houses which are by the way getting more famous here in the country. Gross floor area ranges from 264.41 to 526.12 sqm. The 5 model houses are Edo, Showa, Heisei, Taisho and Meiji. House and lot packages ranges from Php 11,500,000 to 19,500,000 and lot only is at Php 3,800,000 to 11,000,000.
The Villas – Spanish Mediterranean inspired houses, this style of house never gets old. House packages start at Php 7.4 M and lot only at Php 13,350 – 14,350/ sqm with a minimum lot area of 150sqm.
Chateaux de Paris – a French community inspired by the 18th century garden design tradition during the reign of Henry XIV only modernized. House and lot packages range from Php 11,600,000 to 15,000,000 and lot only at 220-225 sqm.
Phuket Mansions – Inspired by the colors and style of Thailand’s architecture mixed with contemporary living is one option you might take. Houses here have large open spaces, expansive living areas, and the infusion of nature to each home. House and lot packages start at Php 14M and lot only sells at Php 14,550/ sqm with a minimum lot area of 350 sqm.
Miami Mansions – a resort community where a unique fusion of modern and nature-tripping is an everyday scenery. Lot only packages start at Php 13,000/sqm with a minimum lot area of 300 sqm.
              Each community has its own club house designed also according to its inspiration. Plus, unlike other residential-golf community, the golf share is already included with your lot or house and lot purchase. Now isn’t that one less of a hassle? Now if you’re not convinced enough, maybe this award will. South Forbes received praises from abroad by the world’s most prestigious property industry award programme, the 2007 CNBC International Property Awards (CNBC-IPA) for Best Golf Community-Development-the first only in the Philippines to receive this commendation. Well, what are you waiting for? Live and enjoy life at South Forbes Golf City.
For inquiries please call Mr. Edwin D. Pages at +639175009701, email us at or just comment here.
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