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Merry Christmas from Philrealty!

Dear Beloved Customers,
       It’s that time of the year again when lights shine on the streets, abundant food are on our tables, little kids open their gifts and families are reunited after a long time. Oh, how Christmas brings joy to our hearts. Just as this year has been good to you, we are thankful that it is the same for us in Philrealty. Please allow us to say Thank You for being part of our 2013 and being our inspiration in providing the best real estate services and properties for our customers all over the world. It’s always a joy for us knowing that our clients have found their dream home through the services of Philrealty. If you are coming to the Philippines, we would gladly show you around our good listings based on your preferences and on your most convenient time.
       So before your mailbox get flooded with other greetings, let us be the first one to greet you a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Let us always be thankful of what we have and know that it’s always a blessing to give. May Jesus and His love be most importantly celebrated in this season.
From: Philrealty Global Marketing Inc & San Marino Builders
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Telephone Number: +63-02-5208371

Buy, Sell and Build with us at Philrealty

       Mabuhay! Are you looking for property in the Philippines? We are Philrealty Global Marketing Inc. and we are here at your service. We are a one stop shop for all your Real Estate needs in the Philippines. We offer a wide inventory of every real estate property that you’ll ever need from lots only to house and lots, to farm lots to commercial lots, to leisure properties to bank foreclosed properties, etc.
       Philrealty is accredited to almost all big developers in the country such as SMDC, Ayala Land Inc., DMCI Homes, Century Properties, Robinsons Land Corporation, Vista Lands and Lifescapes Inc., Eton Properties Philippines, Inc. etc. Our company is also accredited to Major Banks in the Philippines to offer their assets (bank foreclosed properties) like BPI, PS Bank, BDO, and East West Bank.
       Our company does not just sell properties, we also offer to market your property for free! But once we have sold your property through our efforts, then we are entitled for a 5% standard broker’s fee from the owner. We have forms for you to fill up (Property Fact Sheet Form and Authority to Sell) which will be given by our representatives. If you have properties to dispose, sell it through Philrealty.
       Philrealty Global Marketing Inc. has a sister company, San Marino Builders, a construction company which specializes in personalized and quality houses. It lives with the tagline “Hassle Free Construction” for most of our clients are abroad and we make sure everything is smooth by updating them with photos and emails once in a while. We also help our clients decide on what is best for their homes. Most of our clients actually became our really good friends. So if you’re planning to build your home in the Philippines, you know who to call now!
       Visit our website to see our wide inventory of listings in the Philippines here: and to see some of our San Marino Projects please click here: You could also call us at (02) 520-8371 or +639179123536 and look for Mr. Edwin Pages.
      We are glad to be of service with you!

Philrealty Bags the Top Broker Award for Brentville from Filinvest

Top Broker for Brentville Award

Yearly, Filinvest gives out awards to their outstanding Brokers and In-house agents for a job well done. Last Wednesday, February 20, Filinvest gathered their Brokers to give out updates on their current and new projects, brokers’ incentives, buyers’ exciting incentives, and awarding afterwards. It was a good time to see co-brokers inside the hall all feeling giddy and excited about selling Filinvest’s projects at the same time earning points for the raffles and incentives by the end of the year. Filinvest usually are very generous in giving out incentives to motivate both the brokers and the buyers which is by far, very effective.

Come the most awaited part of the program, maybe next to the Brokers’ Incentives, is the awarding ceremony. Of course, Philrealty Global Marketing will not be left behind as we took home the award for “Top Broker” for Brentville International for the 4th quarter of 2012. Other companies were called for various awards as well. We’ve always believed that Brentville offers a one of a kind home living experience. Located at a very peaceful and secured community, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city life but has everything you’ll ever need, its where exactly we want to be. And that is why, selling Brentville for us brokers isn’t that too much of a wrestle. Filinvests’ Broker Coordinators are also very supportive with their brokers and were a very great help in every transaction.

With that, we are looking forward for more sales this 2013! To God be the glory!

FILINVEST Brings you the Great Singapore Family Adventure!

       Buy your dream home and travel to Cebu, Bangkok, Hong Kong or Singapore for free! Too good to be true eh? Not for Filinvest, where they make dreams do come true!
1.) This promo is open to all buyers of selected Filinvest residential products with a minimum total selling price of Php 1 Million and selected Luzon and Mindanao projects with a minimum total selling price of Php 550,000.
2.) The promo period is from October 4 to December 31, 2012.
3.) To quality for the travel reward, the buyer must:
    a. Pay the reservation fee within the promo period.
    b. Submit the duly signed Purchase Application Form, Loan Application Form, Provisional Reservation Form and contract documents.
4.) Buyers need to complete the following to avail of the travel reward:
    a. Payment of 10% of the total selling price and bank financing approval for the balance or payment of 20% of the total selling price for in-house financing
    b. Updated down payment or amortization
    c. Complete documentary requirements, signed Contract to Sell (CTS) or Deed of Absolute Sale (DOAS), and postdated checks submitted within 30 days from booking/ credit date of sale.
5.) The travel reward shall be based on the purchased unit’s total selling price:
Php 550,000 – Php 999,000 (Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, Palawan, Butuan, Tagum and Zamboanga projects only)     -     Cebu tour for TWO PERSONS worth up to a maximum of Php 16,000 (inclusive of round-trip airfare, 3D/2N Quest Hotel accommodations and applicable taxes only up to the reward package cost)
Php 1M – Php 2.99 M     -     Bangkok Tour for ONE PERSON worth up to a maximum of Php 30,000 (Inclusive of round-trip airfare, 3D/2N hotel accommodations and applicable taxes only up to the reward package cost)
Php 3 M – Php 4.99 M     -     Hong Kong Disneyland Tour for TWO PERSONS worth up to a maximum of Php 60,000 (Inclusive of round-trip airfare, 3D/2N accommodations at Disney Hollywood Hotel, 2-Day Tickets to Disneyland Park and applicable taxes only up to the reward package cost)
Php 5 M and above     -     Singapore-Universal Studios Tour for THREE PERSONS worth up to a maximum of Php 120,000 (inclusive of round-trip airfare, 3D/2N accommodation at Resorts World Festive Hotel, 1-day VIP Tour Tickets to Universal Studios and applicable taxes only up to the reward package cost)
6.) Filinvest will notify buyers who are qualified to avail of the travel rewards via e-mail and registered mail. The notification will include instructions on how to arrange the travel booking.
7.) The travel reward will expire if not used within six months from receipt of notification.
8.) The buyer shall be responsible for securing the necessary travel documents such as passports and travel visas (if required).
9.) The travel reward is not transferable but can be converted to a cash equivalent of 50% of the maximum amount of the reward as stated in the table above.
10.) The travel reward is subject to 20% tax that will be shouldered by the buyer.
11.) This promo may not be used in conjunction with other Filinvest promos. In case of projects with ongoing buyer promos, the buyer should choose between the ongoing promo or the travel reward package.
12.) For multiple purchases from the same buyer, the travel rewards will be based on the value of each individual purchase. Each qualified purchase is equivalent to a travel reward.
13.) The travel rewards promo does not include sales booked by the Filinvest International Sales Team.
*projects and products excluded from the promo: Sta. Sofia, Anila Park, Primrose Hills, Studio Zen, Studio 1, Studio 2, industrial lots, Filinvest City commercial lots, parking slots bought seperately from the condo unit, products below Php 1 million, club shares.
If you are looking for a property or condominium unit please do check our Filinvest listings here:
Laeuna de Taal –
Entrata –
Civic Prime –
Beaufort –
This is a great time to purchase your dream home at the same time have a free tour in these 4 destinations! So what are you waiting for? For inquiries please call our office at 520-8371 or +639175009701. Thank you and I hope we book a ticket for you! :)

Selling Your Property? Sell it with Us!

       Having a property for sale? You’ve come to the right place. And to make it even better, we’ll be posting your property on our website for FREE! With 800 to 1,000 visitors every single day all over the world, you’ll be assured of not just local exposure but global as well. As of the moment, Philrealty Global Marketing has over 15,000 database from Filipinos and Foreigners combined who inquired directly from our website These 15,000 interested clients are sent featured properties and developments once a month through a newsletter, and your property can just be on that issue next month. All the marketing and exposure is absolutely for FREE!
       Philrealty doesn’t just look for buyers for you, we also do the selling and assistance during closing. If we closed the deal, we’ll be asking for 5% standard commission fee but can be negotiable depending on your property.
       Uploading your property on our website is simple as ABC. Just email us at with photos of your property and all the necessary details from lot area, floor area, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, price, its selling points (ex. corner lot, beside clubhouse, etc). After sending an email, one of our communication officers will be acknowledging your email and will send you two forms: 1.) Property Fact Sheet Form – this will contain the details of your property for sale 2.) Authority to Sell – an agreement that you are allowing us to sell your property, it indicates the agreed commission and if its exclusive or non-exclusive. Please fill those forms and send them back to us for documentation purposes. After all those are done, we’ll be uploading your property and send you a link to it for you to verify.
       Easy as that. Sell your property with us! For more questions please do Email us at or visit our website at Hope to hear from you soon!