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Amaia Scapes: Cabuyao and Batangas

       Ayala Land, Inc. has always been known with their High-end properties with a price tag on which only the upper class can afford. Ayala has always been the best on their game giving the best quality, up-to-date design and good location. But a bulk of the Filipino consumers are on the middle class whom just like in shopping, cross out Gucci and Louis Vuitton on their list. But, hurray for today! Introducing to you, AMAIA, the economic residential brand of Ayala Land, Inc. has come your way. Amaia makes sure that affordability comes also in quality, location, features and amenities, buying experience and living experience. Now we don’t need gazillions of money to have our dream house! Yay for Amaia!
Here are some of the house and lot projects down south.
Location: Barrio Marinig, Sala, Cabuyao
Price Range: Php 800,000 – 1,300,000
It is 3.3 hectare development with more or less 230 house and lot units. This project is near schools like Pamantasan ng Cabuyao, Cabuyao National High School, Malayan Colleges, and Dominican College of Sta. Rosa; Retails like Sta. Rosa Waltermart, Cabuyao Public Market and Sta. Rosa Commercial Complex; and other establishments like Enchanted Kingdom, Cabuyao Hospital, Cabuyao Municipal Hall, and Nestle Philippines. There are 5 house models to choose from which floor area ranges from 28-56 sqm and lot area ranges from 65-75 sqm.
Location: Bauan, Batangas Provincial Road, Batangas As-is, Bauan Batangas.
Price Range: Php 800-1,300,000
Compared to the Amaia Scapes in Cabuyao, this project in Batangas is a 4.17 hectare development. The location is near schools like: Theresa’s College, Bauan High School, University of Batangas, and Batangas State University; Retails like: Citi Market, SM City Batangas, and Bauan Public Market; other establishments like: Bauan Municipal Hall, Batangas Port, Bauan Doctors and Bauan General Hospital. There are 6 model houses to choose from which floor area ranges from 28-56 sqm and lot area ranges from 65-92 sqm.
Have an Ayala made property through AMAIA with an affordable price now! For more information kindly email us at or call us at +(632) 520-8371. Hope to hear from you soon!

Bank Foreclosed Lots: Tagaytay Edition

       Who doesn’t fancy Tagaytay? I mean, everyone from the Tropics would love a trip or two to somewhere chilly. Most especially when the heat is unbearable, its a default we go up to Tagaytay for a breezy air. No wonder as well why retirees and foreigners choose Tagaytay as their top choice for retirement homes and vacation houses because you know that it’s not everyday you get that weather in the country.
       Tagaytay has on going developments every corner and every hidden places. Its just that restaurants, coffee shops, and what nots are like mushrooms growing in the vicinity; not to mention real estates like condominiums and house and lots. But, we all know that a great place, comes with great price right? And yes, that is the case for Tagaytay properties. Some are just too expensive to handle. But not anymore! We have bank foreclosed properties at nice subdivisions in Tagaytay area that are definitely lower than their market values. Please read below for the list:
Canyon Woods Residential Resort, Diokno Highway, Laurel, Batangas
1.) Lot Area: 465 sqm
Price: Php 3,487,500
2.) Lot Area: 426 sqm
Price: Php 3,195,000
3.) Lot Area: 420 sqm
Price: Php 3,150,000
4.) Lot Area: 397 sqm
Price: Php 2,977,500
5.) Lot Area: 390 sqm
Price: Php 2,925,000
6.) Lot Area: 346 sqm
Price: Php 2,595,000
Tagaytay Tropical Greens Subdivision, Tagaytay City
1.) Lot Area: 512 sqm
Price: Php 2,048,000
2.) Lot Area: 286 sqm
Price: Php 1,487,200
Royale Tagaytay Estates, Alfonso, Cavite
1.) Lot Area: 354 sqm
Price: Php 1,770,000
2.) Lot Area: 385 sqm
Price: Php 1,925,000
3.) Lot Area: 353 sqm
Price: Php 1,765,000
4.) Lot Area: 463 sqm
Price: Php 2,315,000
5.) Lot Area: 311 sqm
Price: Php 1,555,000
Crosswinds Tagaytay Subdivision, Tagaytay City, Cavite
Crosswinds Tagaytay
1.) Lot Area: 1,036 sqm
Price: Php 8,288,000.00
2.) Lot Area: 1,026.00 sqm
Price: Php 8,208,000.00
3.) Lot Area: 687.00 sqm
Price: Php 5,496,000.00
4.) Lot Area: 549.00 sqm
Price: Php 4,392,000.00
I told you, our list got good subdivisions! I hope you grab these lots while they are hot! Kindly email us at for inquiries or call us at +632-520-8371. Hope to hear from you soon!

Bank Foreclosed Ayala Greenfield Estates Lots for Sale!

       How we all want to steal a good deal right? From clothes on sale, promo flights, discount cards on restaurants and of course, freebies! Who doesn’t want to get more of what he/she paid for right? And face it, sometimes, it’s just the best feeling in the world. We can’t help but be proud of ourselves after getting a good deal. But feel even prouder by getting a high-end property with a good price!

       Ayala Greenfield Estates, one of Ayala Premier’s projects is our personal favorite. Aside from it is very near our hometown, it’s just a home away from home whenever we are there. After a busy day at work, we just want to be with our loved ones and have nothing to do with our work, right? That’s exactly what happens in Greenfields. Go home to paradise everyday with majestic views wherever you look. The views of Laguna de Bay, Manila Skyline, Tagaytay Ridge and Mt. Makiling are your backdrop for your photo ops. And at night, your view shifts from skylines and ridges to city lights as if it’s Christmas all year round. Oh sure its not called Ayala Premier for nothing. Have the best of the bests here at Ayala Greenfield Estates.
       Philrealty has good news for you, we have bank foreclosed Ayala Greenfields lots that are below market value! These are from top banks in the Philippines. Please see below details of the lots:
1.) Phase 3
Lot Area: 332 sqm
Price: Php 4,350,000
Price per sqm: Php 13,100/ sqm
2.) Phase 4
Lot Area: 667 sqm
Price: 9,338,000
Price per sqm: Php 14,000/sqm
3.) Phase 4
Lot Area: 482 sqm
Price: Php 5,700,000
Price per sqm: Php 11,825/sqm
4.) Phase 4
Lot Area: 480 sqm
Price: Php 6,720,000
Price per sqm: Php 14,000/ sqm
We have a resale property as well that is below market value and owned by an individual. Please see below details:
Phase 5
Lot Area: 429 sqm
Price: Php 5,700,000
Price per sqm: Php 13,200/ sqm
Live at one of the most prestigious locations in the Philippines set atop a hill! Grab these below market value lots and have more of what you’ve paid for. Contact us for more details at 520-8371 or 09179123536 or visit us at Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

NUVALI, a Green Community

       A lot of experts say that the worst is yet to come after the biggest typhoon hit the planet exactly two weeks ago in our very own nation. It is said that the primary reason for this is “Climate Change”. Many have written articles about it, documentaries are made, and actions have been slowly undertakem; yes they helped spread the awareness but it sure didn’t stop this monster from eating everything on its path alive. Now, it’s either we are part of the hastening of the earth’s destruction or we are one with saving it.

*Note: Please click photo for the source of the pictures.
       Going green is the new fad, which is, I guess the only fad worth following. Its just about everything we do, produces greenhouse gas. From driving our cars, throwing our garbage, taking a bath, and the list goes on and on. With these, various actions are being made: Eco-cars are getting popular, recycling has been all over the products, and a cry to save water is everywhere. But, one of the largest contributor of greenhouse gases is building our homes. Good thing, NUVALI, the largest sustainable community in the country started a project called “Green Home”.
        NUVALI, isn’t just making homes for Filipinos, they are creating a beautiful future for the next generation. One of their “Green Program” is the installation of Solar Panels at three of its guardhouses. Each solar panel can supply to 270 Wp energy up to 12 hours. By using these solar panels at the three guardhouses, it saves 10,368 kW of electricity and lessens CO2 emission by 5,682 kg. Wow. Imagine, if all the guardhouses in the world use solar panels. NUVALI, also has a tree nursery where different kinds of seedlings and vegetables are grown. It is also a venue where students, farmers, and curious cats learn more about organic farming and vegetable picking. As what we have learned from basic science, plants need CO2 for photosynthesis thus they help reduce greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. NUVALI also provides bike trails at the entire community. They encourage you to just walk or ride a bike when you’re just going around the community instead of taking your *ehem evil ehem* cars. Actually, it’s not just about these stuff, NUVALI is entirely a community of pushing the “Green” button on almost everything.

       But wherever you are right now, I would understand that it’s not always easy to go green most especially if you’re left with no choice. No bike trails, only roads; no space to plant a tree, only cement; house not much ventilated, air-conditioning units are more comfortable. Thank God, we have NUVALI. Where every move is an opportunity to live better but not compromising comfort. NUVALI don’t just give you a home, they give you a hope for a safer future.
For more information, kindly visit or contact us (632)520-8371. Hope to hear from you soon!

Merry Christmas from Philrealty!

Dear Beloved Customers,
       It’s that time of the year again when lights shine on the streets, abundant food are on our tables, little kids open their gifts and families are reunited after a long time. Oh, how Christmas brings joy to our hearts. Just as this year has been good to you, we are thankful that it is the same for us in Philrealty. Please allow us to say Thank You for being part of our 2013 and being our inspiration in providing the best real estate services and properties for our customers all over the world. It’s always a joy for us knowing that our clients have found their dream home through the services of Philrealty. If you are coming to the Philippines, we would gladly show you around our good listings based on your preferences and on your most convenient time.
       So before your mailbox get flooded with other greetings, let us be the first one to greet you a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Let us always be thankful of what we have and know that it’s always a blessing to give. May Jesus and His love be most importantly celebrated in this season.
From: Philrealty Global Marketing Inc & San Marino Builders
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